Ein Kriegsende - Garmisch-Partenkirchen in den letzten Apriltagen 1945





US-Lufteinsätze und Wetterbedingungen am 29. April 1945


Ninth AF: Weather cancels operations by 9th Bomb Div. Ftrs fly patrols and A/F cover, hit Special tgts, fly armed rcn over E Germany and W Czechoslovakia, and cooperate with XII Corps moving SE between the Danube and the Czech border N of Linz, and with XX Corps as some of its units eatablish bridge-heads and begin crossing the Isar R in Plattling-Landau an der Isar-Landshut-Passau areas

Twelfth AF: Weather again restricts Operations. MBs are grounded. Ftrs and FBs attack retreating forces and comm throughout NE Italy including Thiene A/F and claim over 350 motor transport destroyed. Enemy forces in Italy, cmd by Gen von Vietinghoff surrender unconditionally at Caserta, effective 2 May.

Fifteenth AF: Bad weather again prevents HB operations. 8 P-51's and P-88's complete weather and photo rcn missions. 39 P-51's fly armed rcn over NE Italy. 5 of the ftrs bomb and 4 strafe various T'Os, claiming 4 motor transports destroyed and a rcn car and 2 parked aircraft damaged.


Kit C. Carter and Robert Muller, The Army Air Forces in World War II – Combat Chronology 1941-1945 (Office of Air Force History Headquarters USAF, 1973) S. 641


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